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Mission statement

Hands-on Historians is an online resource for historians who have integrated performative methods in their research, and for those interested in such research. The website has three functions:

  • Promote and improve hands-on historical research.
  • Provide hands-on historians with an on- and offline community of peers and an online repository of relevant literature and projects. 
  • Help those interested in hands-on history to find literature and advice. Many of the hands-on historians listed here offer consultancy services in addition to their academic work. 


Hands-on Historians was founded by Marieke Hendriksen upon receiving a Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) Early Career Award in 2019/2020. The KNAW ECA is intended to stimulate young researchers in the Netherlands who are capable of developing innovative and original research ideas. Performative methods have become increasingly common in historical research over the past decades, but are by no means fully developed or accepted. With Hands-on Historians, Marieke hopes to contribute to changing that. 

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